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My Saving Grace

I wrote this poem as a tribute to the person I hurt the most whilst being hospitalised and losing myself and my mind completely. Though, in my mind, I had treated her as badly as you could treat another human being, not for one second did she ever consider giving up on me. She was my saving grace. This is for her and all the other friends and family who have had to witness their loved ones going through what some of us can only describe as hell and not being able to stop the pain. In this small patch of sunlight, I feel myself grow. I think of you often, and more than you know. I silently thank you for holding my hand, while I clung to a thread with my head in the sand. I searched for some peace and I pleaded my case, while my spirit dissolved in this pitiful place. Meanwhile, I watched your heart in suspense, in me, you struggled to find any sense. Wild eyed and raging, I ran …


Language Matters

Today to we are re-bloging and article by Julie T from Teasing the Edge: A Borderline Life, titled The Importance of Using Strength-based Language. It is about why language in mental health is so very important. Monday, March 16, 2015 The Importance of Using Strength-based Language “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” We have all heard this saying, but if you are like me you have always known that it isn’t quite right. Sometimes words can hurt us much deeper than any weapon could. Those of us who have been exposed to verbal and emotional abuse know just how much pain words can cause, yet we use words that hurt to talk about ourselves and others all the time. Many times we don’t even realize how much our word choice is impacting how we see ourselves. “I’m a borderline”, “he’s schizophrenic”, “she’s bipolar”, “I’m too low functioning to hold a job”, “John is dangerous when he has a meltdown”, “Susan is depressed”. The way we talk about ourselves and others …