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What could have been?

In my experience, I was never someone who “responded” well to medication in order to change my behaviour (quite the opposite really). I’ve been on every drug known to man (and some quite unknown), but all of them carry side-effects which outweigh any kind of benefit that they may offer (most have none), so (for me), they’re not even an option and have not been for many years now.

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BPD Voices Project: My Story

I have no shame anymore telling people that I have mental illnesses don’t get me wrong I wasn’t always like that. But I believe the only good out of having these illnesses are that I can try help others out of that darkness they are hiding in. Look at me how I present and ask yourself if it can’t happen to you. 3 years ago I was in the ambulance service great job great life great family then one day I found myself on top of a cliff and I jumped missing rocks by feet. From there I went to hospital then was sectioned and that’s when the pain really started a journey I wish no one will ever experience ever. I had no idea what was going on in and out of mental units drugged trying desperately to hang on to life and wondering how this could be happening look at me do I look mental to you ? I got diagnosed with BPD ( border line personality disorder ) psychosis and PTSD ( …


BPD Voices Project: Letter Sent

From the BPD Voices Project. Below is a letter that one of our followers sent to her government official expressing her story and explaining why medical cannabis should be seen as a viable and legal option for those who experience BPD. Dear Sir/Madam I have suffered from bpd for over 10 years, probably since adolescence at 15. I am 27 years young now and still suffering. I know that there is a way that cannabinoids can treat bpd and probably other mental illnesses too. I have smoked cannabis on and off for a long time, due to the fact that it calms me when I am in an episode and makes me a completely normal person. The only problem being is, with it being illegal, I never get the same strain twice and dont have any control over how much cbd and thc I am consuming. Too much thc is ok when I smoke it, but can make my symptoms worse in the long run. I have spent my entire life on and off every single …


Ask About BPD: Toxic Co-worker

Today’s Ask About BPD Question: There is a guy who sits next to me for 8 hours a day and he brings my mood down to a massive low. He complains how he can’t cope at work anymore, it’s just constant bad news out his mouth. I’m really struggling to cope with it. He is also the most selfish man I’ve ever met. I need some advice on what to do? Nobody likes his attitude so it is noticed, but he leads me to self harm a lot. I think most people can identify with a toxic co-worker, but when that person sits next to you and you have BPD it can be a recipe for disaster. I know this because it happened to me at my last job. I was in a toxic work environment with toxic people. It wasn’t until after I left could I see the damage it had done. Toxic Work Environment Toxic work environment are more common than we want to believe. There are competing egos, office drama, people (like …