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Ask About BPD: Self Medication

Ask About BPD: I have a question… why is the only thing that seems to make my son seem half normal to self medicate. When he is stoned he seems to manage so well and seem so at peace and able to cope.. but as soon as his buzz wears off he is crazy angry again ;-( It’s a lose lose situation it seems ….   I’m assuming that the drug in question is marijuana, so I will base my answer on that. Self medicating is not uncommon amongst people suffering from any number of the many varieties of disorders that fall under the depression umbrella, especially those of us living with BPD. Nearly half of those diagnosed with BPD have histories of substance abuse disorder, a shockingly high number, though slightly less surprising when you consider that one of the most common characteristics of BPD is a lack of impulse control.   Why Cannabis: One would seem to be hard-pressed to find a high-strung marijuana user–not to say that they don’t exist (I work …


“Invalidity” : The Voices

( I just woke up and I am in such a foul mood and I can’t make it go away. Where the hell did it come from? Why do I feel so angry?! So triggered. What the hell is wrong with me? I started writing yesterday and had this amazing piece. But the worst thing about writing on your phone is the copy and paste feature. Well I accidentally cut half of it. So I am trying to tie this in to my story. So here I go…Because I am in a rage. My thoughts are racing.. ) I just want to take a walk. Put my music in my ear and blare it and drown everything else out. I just want the voices to shut up. So, I was taught in DBT to smile anyway. Even if I don’t want to. That sometimes it will promote me to actually smile because I want to. Improve the moment. And so this works. Inhale slowly and exhale. Meditate. This was working. Not for long.  It’s time for that …