BPD Voices Project
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BPD Voices Project: My Story

I have no shame anymore telling people that I have mental illnesses don’t get me wrong I wasn’t always like that. But I believe the only good out of having these illnesses are that I can try help others out of that darkness they are hiding in. Look at me how I present and ask yourself if it can’t happen to you. 3 years ago I was in the ambulance service great job great life great family then one day I found myself on top of a cliff and I jumped missing rocks by feet. From there I went to hospital then was sectioned and that’s when the pain really started a journey I wish no one will ever experience ever. I had no idea what was going on in and out of mental units drugged trying desperately to hang on to life and wondering how this could be happening look at me do I look mental to you ? I got diagnosed with BPD ( border line personality disorder ) psychosis and PTSD ( for many diff reasons. I just wasn’t aware. From there it took me on a living nightmare like I said from mental units to high psychiatric units to even prison yes prison

Why am I telling you this. Well take a good look at me on the outside you would think I have it all I do. But on the inside I’m very very broken I don’t fit society image of mental do I ? I have my own mental health team who look after me everyday and my wife is my full time carer as I’m not allowed to do a lot of things by myself. I have on numerous occasions tried to take my own life luckily survived been brought back to life 4 times thank god I don’t want to die unfortunately it’s part of my illness. My meds help control voices hallucinations and outbursts to a point but sometimes it’s not enough. I just want you to look at me and see a normal person and think that could be my friend my partner my child or even me I hate the stigma it carries and I will do my damnedest to help banish that so so many more people won’t feel ashamed to get help before they to are stood at the top of a cliff. If you see some one you know struggle just let them know your there that’s all trust me above all that means so so much. It’s not hard being kind reach out I’m not asking for sympathy I don’t want any of you to try and imagine what I go through on a day to day basis in my head I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Just a little patience and to help others I will continue to try and keep my voice as that darkness is so so bad and to all of you who are suffering I’m here always please reach out its good to talk and as I battle my demons I will promise to help battle yours to as together we are stronger and you are so brave to get up survive when you don’t want to and carry on when everything around you is crashing down and you continue and then repeat. It’s hard but remember ” God gave his hardest battles to his strongest Angels ” keep fighting keep talking keep believing that eventually the storm will pass Cause you lot are the reason I survive to ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



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