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BPD Voices Project: Letter Sent

From the BPD Voices Project.

Below is a letter that one of our followers sent to her government official expressing her story and explaining why medical cannabis should be seen as a viable and legal option for those who experience BPD.

Dear Sir/Madam

I have suffered from bpd for over 10 years, probably since adolescence at 15. I am 27 years young now and still suffering. I know that there is a way that cannabinoids can treat bpd and probably other mental illnesses too.

I have smoked cannabis on and off for a long time, due to the fact that it calms me when I am in an episode and makes me a completely normal person. The only problem being is, with it being illegal, I never get the same strain twice and dont have any control over how much cbd and thc I am consuming. Too much thc is ok when I smoke it, but can make my symptoms worse in the long run. I have spent my entire life on and off every single anti-depressant available and in and out of therapy (CBT, counselling, CBT again…). These have not helped, and when I get suicidal, I end up reverting back to smoking cannabis. When I smoke, I am a lovely caring person with loads of motivation, good ideas and a love of life. When I stop, I am immediately depressed, angry, suicidal and hopeless. This will go away after a few weeks, but will always return, in months, if not weeks, and the cycle continues.

I am in desperate situation and convinced CBD is the answer, hence I am contacting you, to ask if you will consider doing a clinical for people like me (you will not be short on volunteers).

Bpd is a lonely and scary thing to live with that people do not understand. I can only pretend to be normal for so long until the crazy comes out, which is ruining my life.

I hope to hear from you.


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