BPD Voices Project
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BPD Voices Project: My Semicolon Project

After doing the project semicolon on April 16th for the past two years I decided I wanted a permanent one, but I wanted one as original as I am. I chose to go with a purple semi colon and to have the phrase done in Italian. The first word is Gypsy (which is my nickname that has carried over from childhood) and the bottom phrase translates to it’s not over. An amazing blessing occurred at the tattoo studio. Instead of my regular guy doing the tattoo he asked if I would let an intern do it, and I agreed. The intern was a young lady and as we were discussing the meaning behind my tattoo she shared with me that she had self harmed as a teenager. Having someone who has fought that which I still fight made this an even more important tattoo. There is strength in our voices. I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to share this story with your page since BPD Pieces of Me was part of what inspired me to get it.

– Brenda



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