BPD Voices Project
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BPD Voices Project: Sea of Misery

From the BPD Voices Project

Sea of misery. Stare into my eyes and tell me what you see. Is it black and forlorn and distraught before me? Is your mind still shinning brightly for you? Mine is bleak and cares nothing of what I do. Your eyes are looking for distractions. So you can’t see mine and their lack of satisfaction. Please tell me why this is as it is. Why are your eyes alive and mine dead? Why do yours look to care and mine look to dread? Your world is solid like the hard wood of the trees. Mine, well mine has drifted apart with the breeze. You try to help me, even though I can’t help but to plead. Perhaps one day I shall understand and my body will cease to bleed. Patience is the key; let your mind know I care. Tell your eyes to keep looking, even into the insanity and despair. Embrace the darkness which has already come for me. But stay away and your mind shall be free. Your mind understands for me you must cry. Whereas mine simply wishes I would die. Your mind is bright, mine is not. There is no darkness in you, only that bright light. Darkness and fears are all I have in my eternal night. You have pain but I have pain without boundaries. Pain is my pleasure, you get used to it I suppose; a few more tears build up and you’re good to go. You must stay away and always stay bright. Me, I’ll always be like the night. Do not try to understand, you will get lost in the sea. A sea of pain, torment and day-to-day misery.



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  1. ScHarna McCarty says

    Thank you for this project. It was hard to let myself put my words out there, but if even one person takes something away after reading them then it was worth it.


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