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BPD Voices Project: The Difference

From the Voices Project

Okay, so, obviously I haven’t explained this well enough. A lot of people have trouble understanding bipolar disorder. Even more so, a lot of people don’t even know what borderline personality disorder is. Well, I have both. And I want to take a minute to educate the people on my friends list about them and how they both affect me.

The easiest analogy I can really think of is the difference between weather and climate. Bipolar is the climate (general, constant conditions aside from when I cycle through to a new mood state but that generally takes a bit of time.) Borderline is the weather, meaning that’s what’s going on day-to-day for me, or what’s the immediate mood swings or change in behavior.

Bipolar disorder is not “just being moody.” Or rapid mood swings (unless you rapid cycle, which I generally don’t.) Bipolar disorder consists of clearly defined, distinctly different mood states that last for a period of time (whether it’s days, weeks, or months depends on the person.) It also comes along with A LOT more than just mania and depression. It also comes with OCD, horrible anxiety, and even some ADD-like symptoms.

Borderline personality disorder is not “crazy bitch disorder,” as most media depictions would have you believe (see: Fatal Attraction.) It’s a mental health issue characterized by markedly impoverished self-esteem, rapid mood swings, chronic feelings of emptiness, self-harm (even though I don’t cut anymore and my eating disorder has died down considerably, the urge is constantly there,) impulsivity, intense fear of abandonment and rejection (whether justified or perceived,) recurring suicidal thoughts, and often includes outbursts (whether they’re angry or sad or mixed manic outbursts also depends on the person and the situation they’re in.) This is actually what most people believe bipolar disorder to be.

While both are mood disorders, they have incredibly different origins. Bipolar disorder is mostly based upon chemical imbalances in the brain that have been pretty much present from birth. Borderline personality disorder is a result of early childhood trauma such as child abuse or severe neglect, sexual assault, or bullying.

Hopefully some of you at least took a few minutes to read this. I won’t stop posting about it. And clearly I can’t because most people still just do not get it.



  1. My BPD was caused by bullying. I had no self-esteem. I finally got help in the form of a proper diagnosis and DBT at age 35. I am now 46 years old and in recovery. I am passionate about creating awareness and fighting stigma of BPD. Thanks for this post and this blog.


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