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BPD Voices Project: The Pale Blue Dot

From #BPDVoicesPRoject

The Pale Blue Dot
(Inspired by Carl Sagan)
by Julia Mae Thies

That dot. That’s us.
Every being in history, here.
Cowards, destroyers,
corrupt inventor of morals.
Teachers, explorers,
every joy in our history.
Aggregate of our suffering
suspended in a sunbeam.

Earth is a small, cosmic arena
of endless cruelties.
Frequent, fervent hatred.
Momentary masters glory
in rivers of blood,
triumph of a fraction
of a dot.

Our obscurity is
a lonely, enveloping darkness.
Our privileged posturings
an obscure position
on a point of pale light.
No hint of help
to save us from ourselves.

Earth is the only harbor.
There is nowhere
near to migrate.
Earth, we make our stand.

Character building is
our responsibility.
Humbling human conceits
to preserve more kindly
the only home we’ve ever known.

Sagan, Carl. Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space. New York: Random House, 1997. Print

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